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May 15 – July 1

Hosted by @tdot_shots

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 Photo credit: @through_my_scorpio_eyes / in frame: @nicole526

Tdot Shots presents CREATE COMMUNITY Contest 2020

We are Tdot Shots, a passionate community of photographers and artists. We are launching our annual contest early this year to inspire and challenge Toronto creatives during the crisis.

From May 15 to July 1 we invite friends, photographers, artists and media makers, to participate in CREATE COMMUNITY. Make something beautiful for our Toronto contest!

Are you creating art at home? Editing photos? Working on a video? Submit your images and media and inspire Toronto with your creative take on our city and community. Contestants will be eligible to win one of three $100 printing prizes from our sponsor ProLab Canada.

Our categories are:

  • City & Town (general photography)
  • Community (portraits and street)
  • GTA FFA (edits)

If you can post it on Instagram you can participate. Try your hand at something new! Make a video or edit from our pool of RAW photos from Greater Toronto area photographers.

Visit us at @tdot_shots on Instagram and view entries under the Instagram hashtag #tdot_shots_cc2020. Vote for your favourites on our Tdot Community website!

Details: Contest runs 6 weeks from May 15 – July 1. Entries are unlimited. View contest site for full rules and guidelines.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing your work!

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