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Course: WordPress Websites

Why the WordPress Websites course from Tdot Studio?  Join the course and learn how to use the world’s best, and most popular website CMS (content management system). Create a portfolio, blog or landing page for your business. We believe WordPress is the best website management tool and we want you to be successful using it!

Start Dates: July 2 or Sept. 1, 2021

Course Cost: $59 online course or $89 online course with portfolio site

Register at (registration coming soon)

Your Instructor: Mike Simpson is a designer-educator from Toronto, specializing in graphic design and media production. He loves photography, e-learning and web projects. Mike is the founder of Tdot Shots @tdot_shots, which showcases Toronto-based photographers.. 

Join Us

Registration is free 

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Posts from the Tdot Studio Blog


Photo Walks 2020

Last year our walks were amazing – thank to all who participated! We will resume our meetups in 2021 when it is safe to gather again. See you on a walk!

Tdot Community logo

U of T Walk 

Sunday September 13  (meet 6 pm, location TBD)
$5 / limited registration

We will be sure to follow a strict social distancing protocol which includes the recommendation to wear a mask when in close proximity to other walkers.

U of T is a magical place. We have walked here regularly because it is a relaxing stroll through some of the city’s finest architecture.

Photo Walk Fundraiser

This is a paid walk and fundraiser for Tdot Community. The cost is $5. We will cap the group at 12 for a safe and personalized experience.

Meeting location and time will be sent to you a few days before the event. We usually meet 90 minutes before sunset so expect a start time at approx. 6 pm.


Register via Email 

 Photo credit: @through_my_scorpio_eyes / in frame: @nicole526

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Please note: Our 2020 launch has a capacity for about 100 users. We will prioritize the admission of a) creatives from Toronto/GTA and b) people who have supported our website and social media pages (@tdot_shots, @canada_epic etc).

If you are unable to join we will add you to a waiting list. In the meantime please keep engaging with us on Instagram and via our events and projects! We also welcome content contributions. 

Thanks for your interest and support!

Contact: Questions? Email us at [email protected] – we’re here to help!