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Hello from Tdot Shots (Admin)

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Tdot Community website and forums!

Glad to have you aboard. It's suggested you share a little about yourself here including a link and a photo or two.

On Instagram you can find Tdot Shots at

Our website is:

We just launched the Create Community contest landing page - check out! We welcome you to enter your images from the GTA from May 15 - July 1. Follow @tdot_shots and sponsor @prolabcanada and use hashtag @tdot_CC20. Good luck if you enter!

Tdot Shots

Tdot Shots Create Community Contest 2020

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Hey! Great contest!

Thanks for the support! Glad to see you in the forums Rajeev! 

We really appreciate your contribution to the Create Community contest!

Tdot Shots



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