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Photo Walk Safety Protocols for 2020

We want to keep our walkers safe. Here are the general guidelines. We are following what the public health authorities are recommending.

Though outdoor gatherings in the current Phase 3 re-opening allow for up to 100 people we think this is too high so we are limiting our groups to 12. This will also create a more comfortable atmosphere.

Please consider traveling to the event in as safe a manner as possible. Car or bike for example may be safer than some forms of public transit.

Sunday evenings, when we walk, may not be heavy so far as traffic and pedestrian life but downtown there are still many people when the weather is nice. Be aware that we are hosting our walks in places that many people may be out and about. 

Please observe the following:

  • Maintain a general distance of 2 metres from other participants
  • Have your mask handy at all times for close interactions or if you need to go indoors
  • Wear your mask if you are interacting with someone else at close range
  • Respect other people's space and comfort levels
  • Report concerns or unsafe behaviour to guide

If you have any comments or questions please reply or if  your topic is related but new please start a thread.


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