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  • Learn from other creators
  • Access forum discussions
  • Network with the community
  • Share your work with peers
  • Work on Tdot Blog projects

Tdot Book & Photo Exhibit

Are you interested in participating in the production of a book and photo exhibit?

We will be looking for contributors, volunteers and creators to help us launch these projects in 2020-2021. Joining our community is the first step in making this happen. We won’t be able to do it without you!

We are Toronto

We are creators: artists, designers, photographers, writers, & activists

We have power as a collective & big plans for 2020-2021.

Members will be able to participate in a book project and photo exhibit.

Our community will also be featured regularly on our social media channels and blog!

Welcome / About Us

Hi! Welcome to Tdot Blog & the Community Site! 
I’m Mike, a designer / educator and keen city photographer. Tdot is Toronto, and we’re passionate about this city. Tdot Blog is a new website and Instagram page (@tdot_blog) by Tdot Shots (@tdot_shots). We have been supporting Toronto photographers and artists since 2018. Tdot Blog Community takes this support one giant leap forward! We hope you’ll join us – register today!

– Mike Simpson

Tdot Blog / Tdot Shots 

About Registration: Tdot Blog Community supports Toronto area creators

To register you need to meet the following requirements:

  • live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • apply using your real full name
  • provide a link to your website or a social media account
  • have been featured on either @tdot_blog or @tdot_shots

About Features: To be featured you need to a) use hashtags #tdot_shots or #tdot_blog, b) engage with our pages and community, and c) follow our pages on Instagram.

Contact us: Please do not DM us your images. We will review your IG page upon application and try to feature you within 1-2 weeks if you meet our criteria. While we discourage you from sending DM on Instagram you are welcome to send an email via our contact page.

We appreciate your time and interest!  

Thank you!

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